When Fabienne is not on location, she assists in wardrobe planning and revamps her client’s entire look by adding new articles to old favorites. After accessing the body shape, color palette and lifestyle of her client, she ads her personal touch by putting together unforgettable ensembles. Some clients have ended up with a new wardrobe as well as a new interior for their homes.

“Fabienne will change your life. This amazing artist will advise you on your wardrobe, home decoration, hair, make up, and help you create a new and younger woman. She has extraordinary style, and flair and her ability to take an old wardrobe and re-create a new one from your existing collection is astounding. Fabienne will take decades off your appearance by restyling your hair and make up. She is also an excellent and passionate teacher in the art of make up, and is generous with her time and knowledge.“

Carolyn Prades